Velvet & velour

Here you will find our many velvet fabrics – from crushed velvet and embossed crushed velvet to stretch velvet and woven velvet. We always offer a large basic range that is constantly expanded to include new trend colours.

Velvet & velour
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Are you throwing a birthday party for your child? Do you want to create a fun, decorative table? Then you should consider a tablecloth made from velour. Many children are mesmerized by the way velour changes colour, depending on the direction the fabric is touched, making it a perfect choice. All you need to do is decide which colour you want and what type of velour. At STOFF & STIL you can choose from many types of velour, for example; crushed, printed, stretched and woven. If you do not know the difference you can read more here:

Crushed velour

Crushed velour is suitable for tablecloths, dressing up and decoration. It is soft and elastic, which means that you can easily cut it to the shape and size you want before you use it. It will not unravel and does not need stitching. Crushed velour is available in a wide range of colours.

Imprinted crushed velour

Imprinted crushed velour is also soft and elastic. Furthermore, it has nice print designs and patterns on it. For example, the design could be a wallpaper-style print, that is suitable for tablecloths and other creative projects.

Stretch velour

Stretch velour has a soft quality and is available in a melange of colours. This type of velour is suitable for making clothes, such as dresses and tops.  Additionally, it is great for making pillows and blankets.

Woven velour

Woven velour has a sturdier quality, with a light sheen, and is made from 100% cotton. This type of velour is suitable for dresses and jackets.

Now... Back to the birthday party. When making a tablecloth you should pick crushed velour. Why not discuss the theme with your child, so that everything matches?  For example, a green tablecloth would be perfect for a dinosaur or football theme, a black one for a pirate theme and a pink one for princesses. When the tablecloth is laid, you can finish it off by decorating the table according to the theme. This way you will get an exciting, well-planned theme that is sure to be a hit! Furthermore, you can plan children’s games and activities based on the theme of the party.

If you feel like it

If you are creative and artistic, the theme does not have to end here. What about making your own costumes for you and perhaps your partner? Stretch velour is perfect for sewing dresses and such things. If you are going for the pirate theme, then try to make yourself a pirate dress. This will give the party that extra dimension to make it more memorable, because you can be the pirate in charge – which will be perfect for the theme! Top that off with a pair of boots and a hat and hand out your own treasure maps to the children and watch them go hunting.  The limits of your party are only bounded by your own imagination and here at STOFF & STIL we have everything you need and are always happy to help.