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Grape pips 500g / 0,7l

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  • Product number: 39199
  • Weight: 510 g per pcs.
  • No wash No wash
  • Does not tolerate Does not tolerate
  • Do not iron Do not iron
  • Do not dry clean Do not dry clean
  • Not resistant to bleaching Not resistant to bleaching

Grape pips

Just like rice, cherry stones and buckwheat shells, grape pips work really well as filling in heating pads.

The wonders of heating and cooling pads?

A heating pad can be heated in a conventional or microwave oven and gently soothes neck pain, tummy aches and sore muscles. Cooled down it functions as an ice pack and relieves joint and muscle aches.

Handmade cooling and heating pad with grape pips

With a bit of creative flare, you can make your own cooling and heating pad and fill it with these grape pips. The grape pips are a waste product from an Austrian wine production, and instead of going to waste they can be used in your very own pillow of health. Isn’t that clever – not to mention sustainable!


Microwave oven: Heating in the microwave oven works best in a step by step process. Heat the cushion at max 600 watt for up to 45 seconds. Knead the cushion to diffuse the heat. Use the back of your hand to check if the cushion has the desired temperature. Repeat this process as often as needed to gain the right temperature.


Oven: Place the cushion in a preheated oven at max 80 degrees Celsius for 10-15 minutes. Check the temperature regularly. Knead the cushion one to two times to distribute the heat. Use the back of your hand to check if the cushion has the desired temperature. Let it remain in the oven if you wish it to be warmer. Bear in mind that the heating time depends on the size of the pad.


Cooling: If needed as a cooling pad it needs to go in the freezer. Place the cushion in an airtight bag and leave it in the freezer for 30 minutes to 2 hours. And voilà it’s ready to use. The fridge works sufficiently to cool the cushion if you plan to use it on your head or face.

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