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OdiCoat water resistant gel 150ml

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  • Product number: 29914
  • Weight: 278 g per pcs.

Use this water-based gel to give your fabrics a water-repellent surface, transforming the material into a coated, waterproof, and machine-washable fabric resembling oilcloth.

More layers increase water fastness

The OdiCoat gel coats your fabric with a water-repellent layer. The more layers you apply, the more water-repellent the material becomes. Use one layer to protect your fabric and make it water-repellent. Use two layers to coat your fabric, giving it a coated canvas look. The use of three layers waterproofs your material, giving it a waxed canvas look.

Easy to handle after coating

Once your fabric has been treated, you can easily cut, clean, and sew it. Your finished project is resistant to wear and tear and machine washable at 30°C.

Not suitable for fluffy fabrics

As the gel coats the area, this product is unsuitable for fluffy fabrics, such as thick velvet, suede, embossed fabrics, teddy cloth, etc. Therefore, we recommend you always test the product on a small piece of cloth beforehand, to avoid disappointing results.

Water-based and bisphenol-free

This water-based and acid-free product contains no bisphenol and may be used for products that have indirect contact with food, such as aprons, tablecloths, placemats, pie bags, etc. You must, however, wrap foods in a food-grade wrapper before placing them in an Odicoat treated bag.

How to use Odicoat gel

We recommend using a clean working area with a non-stick surface, such as a silicone craft sheet. Then, apply a thin layer of OdiCoat with the OdiCoat card or a flat brush. Allow the product to dry for about 20 minutes, after which your coating is ready to be heat-fixed.

Set your iron to a satin setting without steam and protect your cloth with baking paper. Iron the to-be-coated surface and allow the finished project to dry for 20 minutes. Repeat if desired with more layers, always keeping at least 20 minutes of drying time in between layers.

The OdiCoat is completely dry after 24 hours.

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