Special interfacing

Here you will find a wide selection of special fleece products which can be used for a number of purposes.

Soft fleece: Light interfacing used for small sections of blouses, dresses, jackets, etc., in lightweight fabrics.

Lightweight fleece, Freudenberg: Interfacing used for very light and thin fabrics for blouses and dresses, etc.

Stretch fleece: Special interfacing used for small sections of blouses, dresses, etc., in stretch fabrics such as jersey.

High-tech thermal insulating fleece: Batting made of superfine fibres with high insulation properties. Used for waistcoats, jackets, coats, snowsuits, ski trousers, etc.

Volume fleece: Used for decorative needlework such as tapestries, bread baskets, place mats, quilting and patchwork, as well as clothing to accentuate the stitching and other creative ideas.

Vildona, Freudenberg: Vildona is extra strong interfacing used for bags, belts, hats and other hobby projects.

Vliesofix, Freudenberg: Particularly suitable for appliqué, as Vliesofix is double sided.

Tear-away fleece: Used for all types of embroidery and appliqué, as well as for making quilting and patchwork patterns – for all kinds of fabrics. Also suitable for stabilisation of buttonholes in lightweight fabrics and jersey items. Tearable.

Quilted fleece, Freudenberg: A lightweight volume fleece with non-fusible side in squares which serve as a sewing line and make it easy to quilt.

Thermolam: Used as insulation material in tea cosies, egg cosies, etc.

Vliesofix, Freudenberg: Double-sided for appliqué, hobby projects, patches, etc. – Used for all kind of fabrics, raffia and cardboard, as well as leather at low temperatures.

Solvy, water-soluble stabiliser: Solvy can be used for transferring drawings or patterns as well as appliqué where the piece is very thin or small.

Soluvlies, Freudenberg, water-soluble: Cold-water soluble embroidery fleece for all machine embroidery and new creative techniques.

Vlieseline with grid, Freudenberg: Patchwork interfacing with printed 1 x 1 cm grid. Suitable for use on all fabrics.

Special interfacing
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